Exporting service has been the main process in which Semkon Trading is well-organized and highly experienced.

Semkon Trading has been based in Turkey and Turkish Industry has made its name in several sectors with quality, reliable and useful goods with suitable prices.

With the help of experienced background in industry, Semkon Trading is able to supply you the most appropriate products to complete your business.

Semkon Trading is always ready to asist you for any kind of goods that is required for your business. After negotiating your request, we offer you the most useful products from reliable suppliers.

We always keep all the process under great attention and care for providing maximum customer satisfaction which makes Semkon Trading one of the most trusted companies in import & export service.


One of our main tasks is meeting our domestic customers’ needs with our import service. Our customers are always welcome with their requests for any kind of import goods. We negotiate our customers’ requests and make investigations for the subject product with the appropriate quality and price.

After contacts with the companies, determined among trusted suppliers, we examine the samples with our customers and find the products that meets the requirements most. So we launch the importing process with the goal of supplying our customers the most suitable products for their business.

Our customers’ requests would be any kind of goods used for trading, in manufacturing (intermediate product) or for personal usage.