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Ever Given Refloated

Ever Given Refloated Successfully

EVER GIVEN REFLOATED SUCCESSFULLY Ever Given refloated and Suez Canal is Open to Maritime Traffic. After 7 days of rescue efforts, Ever Given refloated. Also the Suez Canal is now open to traffic. Following the refloating attempts, the mega ship ...
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Container Ship Ran Aground in Suez Canal, Blocking the Traffic

CONTAINER SHIP RAN AGROUND IN SUEZ CANAL, BLOCKING THE TRAFFIC Container ship Ran Aground in Suez Canal, Closing the Canal Crossing to Traffic. Container ship ran aground in Suez Canal, which is an incident disrupting the world trade. The container ...
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Environmental Evaluation on Alternative Material for Consumer Goods and Plastic Packaging

ENVIRONMENTAL EVALUATION ON ALTERNATIVE MATERIAL FOR CONSUMER GOODS AND PLASTIC PACKAGING The Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council has supported the study of Trucost. Its name is Plastics and Sustainability: A Valuation of Environmental Benefits, Costs, and Opportunities for ...
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Turkey Exports Bolts and Screws to 177 Countries

TURKEY EXPORTS BOLTS AND SCREWS TO 177 COUNTRIES Turkey widens its goal of exports in sector for fasteners in which it is European third. The goal of the sector is to reach 1.5 billion USD by 2023. Additionally, Turkey exports ...
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Germany’s Foreign Trade Surplus Decreased This Month

GERMANY’S FOREIGN TRADE SURPLUS DECREASED THIS MONTH Germany’s foreign trade data have updates for this month. Seasonally and calendar adjusted exports of the country increased by 0.7 percent in October. Comparison to the previous month brings out this data. This ...
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The Final Date for Customs Duties in the Trade Wars was Determined

THE FINAL DATE FOR CUSTOMS DUTIES IN THE TRADE WAR WAS DETERMINED US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said the US would raise customs duties on Chinese products. Last date for trade negotiations with China to reach a point is March ...
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Germany Donates EUR 150,000 to Developing Countries.

GERMANY DONATES EUR 150.000 TO DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Germany Donates EUR 150.000 for Supporting Developing Countries to Take Place in Agricultural Export Markets. The goal is to help developing countries provide the conformities with international food safety, health standards for plant ...
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WTO Approved Roadmap for Technical Barriers to Trade

WTO MEMBERS APPROVED ROADMAP FOR REDUCING TECHNICAL TRADE BARRIERS Members of the World Trade Organization held an important step in the Committee meeting on Technical Trade Barriers in November 14-15. The consensus was that the World Trade Organization should implement ...
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60 Percent of Turkey’s Trade Deficit From 3 Countries

60 PERCENT OF TURKEY’S TRADE DEFICIT FROM 3 COUNTRIES US President Donald Trump had been following a protectionist policy in trade. So this has turned eyes into countries’ foreign trade deficit and trade balances. Last year, about 60 percent of ...
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Trade Data

Trade Data on Imports and Exports of USA and Russia

TRADE DATA ON IMPORTS AND EXPORTS OF USA AND RUSSIA Trade data of foreign trade deficit in the US rose to the highest level of the last 6-months. Because the country’s foreign trade deficit amounted 53.2 billion dollars. In August ...
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