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SEMKON is a supplier of useful products in biodegradable & disposable food packaging, machinery and other disposables. Our way of working is providing business solutions to our customers. We receive your request and we support your business with our wide product range. Our goal is establishing business & trading connections. Then we aim to keep the quality level of our product and service. With these strategy and principles, SEMKON has reached a wide and still expanding export market. Our export market has reached more than 15 countries with continuing business partnerships.


Disposable Food Packaging

One of our product sector is disposable food packaging. We are mostly in contact with wholesalers, restaurants, hotels, catering services and importers. This year we started to expand our product range with biodegradable cutlery and food containers.


SEMKON is also providing a high-quality solution in machinery. With our sub-company for machinery, we have been export dealer of DPF & catalytic converter cleaning machine. Our machinery division provides complete support for marketing, delivery, training and technical support of the product. Our main customers are car garages, technical services and many companies in automotive sector.


Activities in different sectors with the business branches Semkon Food Pack and Semkon Machinery, Semkon is providing a well-quality service to its partners. Our main sectors are disposable food packaging, biodegradable food packaging, machinery.

The goal of Semkon is to strengthen its position as a permanent supplier among the reliable companies in the sector. To achieve this goal, it keeps the hard work with the innovative and customer focused approach in product supply.


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