PLASTIC RECYCLING Plastics have been one of the most popular materials used widely in various products in daily life. The

FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS The preservation of the freshness of the food has great importance for health. Along with freshness, hygiene

PLASTIC CONTAINERS Plastic containers can be defined as containers made partially or completely of plastic. Plastic containers are widely used

PLASTIC CUTLERY DISPOSABLE TABLEWARE Disposable tableware includes all disposable tableware like disposable cups made of paper, plastic, coated paper, plates,

CLAMSHELL PACKAGING A clamshell packaging container is a one-piece container consisting of two halves joined by a hinge area which

FOAM FOOD CONTAINERS      Foam food containers are disposable containers for various foods and beverages, such as processed instant noodles,

PLASTIC FOOD CONTAINERS Simplest definition for plastic food containers can be made as articles which are made of plastic and

PRODUCTION Packaging industry in Turkey is a rapidly developing sector. Rapid urbanization, population growth, increase in living standards, increase in

PACKAGING INDUSTRY SECTORAL DEFINITION AND CLASSIFICATION Two basic classification systems are used for all products in packaging industry subject to