Ever Given refloated and Suez Canal is Open to Maritime Traffic.

After 7 days of rescue efforts, Ever Given refloated. Also the Suez Canal is now open to traffic. Following the refloating attempts, the mega ship Ever Given refloated. Egypt’s Suez Canal Authority reported that the canal traffic is completely open.

Efforts to free the huge container ship Ever Given blocking the Suez Canal to maritime traffic, yielded result. Following the attempts to refloat the vessel, it has partially moved in the morning. However the ship carrying around 20.000 containers couldn’t refloat during those attempts.

Ever Given Refloated

In the past few minutes, the ship moved and the traffic in the channel completely opened. So rescue efforts gave result at the 7th day of the incident. Authorized person from Suez Canal Authority has stated that the canal traffic is open.

On the 6th day of the rescue operations, 2 more tugs boats have joined the work.  So the number of tug boats intervening to move the vessel increased to 14. Also reducing the amount of load was in the plans, in case the vessel cannot move with the help of the tug boats.

Ever Given RefloatedAuthorities detected a cluster of rocks under the head of the 400 metres long vessel. Also Egyptian President Abdülfettah Sisi instructed to start the preparations to unload the containers. So cranes should have transferred to the area. This will bring along another huge delay. Because unloading process would take long time. Also the rocky area made the rescue operation difficult. However the rescue attempts finally gave result.

Ever Given Refloated

Since Tuesday, there had been no transitions on the Suez Canal. So the number of vessels waiting for transition was over 350.

Ever Given Refloated, Daily Loss to Trade is 14 – 15 Million Dollars

The daily loss to trade is around 14-15 million dollars for each day the Canal is closed. Authorities of the canal stated that, the only cause of the incident may not be the strong wind. So an investigation is underway. Also within the scope of the investigation, the possibility of human-induced or technical error was not ignored.

At the preliminary investigation, authorities didn’t find any mechanical issue. Also they have mentioned a power outage in a report.

Ever Given Refloated Ever Given Refloated Ever Given Refloated Ever Given Refloated Ever Given Refloated

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