Germany Donates EUR 150.000 for Supporting Developing Countries to Take Place in Agricultural Export Markets.

The goal is to help developing countries provide the conformities with international food safety, health standards for plant and animal health. So the donation will help poorer economies. Also they may advance in their participation in agricultural export markets.

The donation of Germany has been made to the Standards and Trade Development Facility. It is a global organization hosted and managed by the WTO. Also the donation has been formalized at a signing ceremony on 20 November 2018. There had been participations of Nthisana Phillips, the WTO Administration and General Services Division Director and Walter Werner, WTO Ambassador of Germany.

Developing Countries May Take Place in Agricultural Markets.

Ms. Phillips pointed the importance of Germany’s donation which will be a great support for the developing countries. Because they may raise their level of sanitary and phytosanitary standards for accessing to agricultural markets. Also Ms. Phillips noted her positivity on Germany’s generosity. Shesaid it may provide a commercial breakthrough to these economies.

Agriculture in developing countries

WTO’s Germany Ambassador Werner expressed their gladness for supporting the developing economies in their studies. Because it is important to increase their potential for agricultural production. Also it will increase the exporting abilities for participating in agricultural export markets. He said that their donation made to the Standards and Trade Development Facility is going to bring great benefits. Especially to the developing countries in advancing to higher agricultural production standards. Also it will help to take strong steps to avoid the spread of plant and animal diseases. Thereby it will also help gaining a better position with their trade partners. Werner also pointed the necessity of these facts for providing food security and an effective fight against poverty.

In over 15 years, Germany’s overall donation has reached about EUR 25 million to trust funds of WTO.

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