Members of the World Trade Organization held an important step in the Committee meeting on Technical Barriers to Trade in November 14-15, with a consensus that the World Trade Organization should implement a series of measures to support the implementation of the Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement and to reduce trade barriers. Members also evaluated 62 major business issues, including 8 new issues, at the committee meeting. In addition, the committee welcomed the newly prepared best practices guide on national enquiry points for technical barriers to trade.

WTO members have reached an agreement on about thirty of the recommendations which aims to improve the activity of TBT committee members on trade regulations and norms. WTO members are scheduled to review the implementation of the TBT agreement every three year. The beginning of this process was in November 2017 and done by the proposals of the members for the conduct of new studies on the issues determined by the committee.

The approved suggestions include following subjects:


  • Declaring the final arrangements when accepted and providing easier online access.
  • Providing easier access to websites in which final regulations are available.
  • Notifying the impacts of evaluations as a part of the process.
  • Increasing the information quality provided in notifications which is about the affected products, related documents and international standards for the regulations.
  • Improving the coordination of TBT enquiry points and the regulators.

Test, Inspecting, Certification

  • To design and choose the procedures for conformity evaluations, use the guidelines to assist the regulators.
  • Realize a study without repeating procedures and causing a restriction in the trade in conformity evaluation areas.


  • Members made an agreement on holding a workshop for discussing the activities on combining the standards in regulation, considering the existing policies and guidelines.


  • Member will discuss the methods of enabling the compliance of marking and labeling of products.

Technical Support

  • Members agreed to discuss the possibilities of both widening the Standards and Trade Development Facility to cover the points of TBT Agreement and establishing a separate TBT development facility.

Arranging Discussions in the Committee

  • Members agreed to apply new methods to increase the specific trade concerns to provide more time for coordination with domestic stakeholders.

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