In the US, foreign trade deficit rose to the highest level of the last 6-months. The country’s foreign trade deficit increased by 6.4 percent in August compared to the previous month and amounted to 53.2 billion dollars.

According to the US Department of Commerce report, the foreign trade deficit widened by 6.4 percent compared to the previous month and was $ 53.2 billion. Expectation on the data, reaching the highest level since February, was set at $ 53.5 billion.

Decrease in the country’s exports by 0.8 percent to $ 209.4 billion and increase in imports by 0.6 percent to $ 262.7 billion led to the rise of the foreign trade deficit in August.

Meanwhile, the foreign trade deficit for July was revised from $ 50.1 billion to $ 50 billion.

Russia’s foreign trade surplus rises to $ 65.3 billion

Russia’s foreign trade surplus increased by 37.8 percent in the first four months of this year compared to the same period of 2017 and reached 65.3 billion dollars.

According to data from the Russian Federal Customs Service (FTS), the country’s exports increased 26.8 percent to 140.2 billion dollars in the first four months of this year compared to the same period of 2017, while imports increased by 18.6 percent to $ 75 billion.

Russia’s total trade volume increased by 23.8 percent in the January – April period compared to the same period of 2017 and reached 215.2 billion dollars. In the subject period, foreign trade surplus increased by 37.8 percent to $ 65.3 billion.

In the first four months, Russia’s largest trading partner was recorded as China, having a trade volume of 32.2 billion dollars with an increase of 31.5 percent compared to the previous year.

Turkey was Russia’s 4th largest trade partner, with trade volume rising to $ 9.4 billion, an increase of 52.2 percent.

According to the statement issued by the Russian Federal Customs Service, the country’s foreign trade surplus had increased by 25.5 percent in 2017 compared to the previous year and reached 130.6 billion dollars.

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