Turkish Products Introduced in China

Turkish products are introduced in China Import Fair. Turkey has participated the fair in Shanghai on 5-10 November 2018. 38 firms have participated to the fair in the 725-square-meter booth. So they exhibited their products in order to increase Turkey’s exports to China.

Turkish Products Introduced in ChinaThe Aegean Exporters’ Association participated in the China Import Fair with an information stand. Also they promoted the food and industrial products produced in the Aegean Region. Izmir Chamber of Commerce and Aegean Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association were also present at the EIB stand. Aegean Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters Union Chairman Bedri Girit stated that, China held imports fair for the first time. Also the foreign trade between Turkey and China is progressing. So their purpose is to improve the foreign trade relations with China.

Girit defined China’s decision of organizing the imports fair as a landmark on the opening-up policy. Also he noted, “Having an export-oriented policy so far, China is understood to prefer a more balanced foreign trade policy in the future. Chinese President Xi Jinping announced in his opening speech that China, which has a population of 1.3 billion, will take steps to reduce the tariffs. Also working on reducing the costs incurred during import in order to increase imports in the coming period. During the next 15 years, Jinping shared that China’s imports of goods will exceed $ 30 trillion. Besides, service imports will exceed $ 10 trillion. This approach excites Turkish exporters who want to increase their exports to China”.


Turkey accomplished 2 billion 409 million dollars of exports to China in 2017 January-September period. Also Turkish products raised this number to 2 billion 474 million dollars of exports at the same time range in 2018. So this shows an increase of 3 percent. The mining sector has the lion’s share of exports to China from Turkey. Because, the mining sector has the amount of $ 1 billion 267 million which equals the 51 percent. Besides, the chemical sector was the second sector with the highest export volume of 389 million dollars. China preferred 127 million dollars Turkish textile products. In addition to Turkey’s exports of industrial and mining products to China, the country expects significant increases. After the China’s increase policy of imports, trade may increase in the sectors of olive oil, dried fruits, fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood and animal products.

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