Plastics have been one of the most popular materials used widely in various products in daily life. The usage of plastics also forms the need of plastic recycling process. Plastic recycling has a very crucial part in our environmental life with being a required process for preservation of nature and it's also a critical business in industrial sector for which global efforts are paid since the majority of plastic is non-biodegradable.
Recycling of plastics is needed both for nature and health. It has several beneficial results like re-usage of the recycled plastic material, preventing the growing of bacteria on the plastics used in food packaging and avoiding the garbage stacks grow bigger with plastic garbage.
Plastic recycling can be described as generating useful plastic after processing the plastic scrap. The result is the most basic benefit of this process which is the decrease in the plastic garbage and an increase in the supply of plastic material.
Let’s analyze the plastic recycling process with the steps involved.
Collection of Plastic Scrap
Recycling process starts with the collection of plastic scrap which can be referred as the raw material of plastic recycling. Collecting of scrap is mostly made individually while it can also be made industrially in more organized procedures. The plastic scrap is gathered in reserved yards to be packed and transferred to the recycling plants for the following process.
Grading of The Plastic
The beginning of plastic recycling among the stages in a recycling plant is the grading of the plastics scrap. After being decontaminated, the plastic scrap is separated and sorted depending on its resin.

Sorted plastic scrap is shredded into tiny particles and flakes. These plastic flakes are than separated depending on the weight. Certain classes of plastic scrap are grouped for being recycled in its own class. So the separation of the plastic scrap continues during the shredding process.
The separated and shredded particles and flakes are washed and purified. With this process, the remaining contaminates are removed and impurities are eliminated like paper label. The cleaning process proceeds with heating and drying the particles.
Different types of plastic tend to separate when melted together. The plastic flakes are melted in specific temperatures and in specially designed machines and turned into a reusable form. At that point, the plastic can be molded or processed into granules form.
Making of Pellets
After the melting process, the plastic is compressed and formed into plastic granules. With this form, plastic can be used in forming other plastic products in plastic forming machines. So it's transported to plastic manufacturing companies for re-usage.



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