Plastic containers can be defined as containers made partially or completely of plastic. Plastic containers are widely used in various forms like bottles, cups, jars, tubes, bags, also as clamshell or foam food packaging containers. These products are made of several types of plastic materials depending on the purpose of use. Plastic containers have been one of the major actors of packaging in our daily life, what makes manufacturing of plastic containers an individual industry in manufacturing sector. Also the plastic has been the major element that is widely used in packaging industry as a material, which is used either as the main material or as the forming contents of the packaging product. In packaging industry, having the highest usage rate, plastic material is followed by paperboard and other materials. One of the main reasons for that, is the increase in usage of plastic containers in food carriage.

Plastic containers can be distinguished with their main features like disposability, durability, area of usage and also the type of plastic used in production. With some of the characteristics like durability, lightweight and advantageous price, plastic containers have replaced some other materials in packaging like paperboard, wood or metal over years.


As previously mentioned, plastic has several advantages depending on its characteristics when used as a packaging product. Its moldability lets the material to be formed in various different shapes, sizes or volumes which provides a great flexibility in production of numerous different products for packaging usage. Also different plastic types let different products to be manufactured with the disposability or multi-use feature. This also allows the usage of plastic containers in food carriage which has several benefits, both in terms of health and economy. This potential leads the way of development of an individual industry for plastic food packaging.


            Food Packaging

Plastic is one of the most convenient material for food packaging. In general meaning, plastic has several advantages in food carriage like keeping the freshness of the food, protecting the food from exterior factors, usefulness and easy carriage. Having the disposability function also raises the demand for plastic containers in food packaging. Because of the possibility to prevent bacteria formation and economical advantages, disposability function in food packaging has become a common feature that is much preferred in almost every country in the world.

            Industrial Usage

By the means of industrial purposes, plastic containers are mostly used in storing and transport of industrial goods. Major benefits of plastic in such usage are durability, lightweight and safe storage which make plastic an advantageous material in industrial packaging.

            Cosmetics Usage

Plastic is the main and most useful material in packaging of cosmetics. Plastic bottles, tubes, plastic pumps and various forms of containers have become the basic articles of plastics used in this sector because of their usefulness in storing cosmetic liquids.

            Pharmaceutical Usage

Thanks to its safe storing function and being lightweight, plastic is the major material used in pharmaceutical sector. As well as being used in packaging of tablets and pills, for its practical and safe usage, plastic is a preferred packaging material also in carriage of medication equipments and in several medical applications.



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Millie Hue · October 26, 2018 at 5:39 am

I like that you pointed out that plastic containers prevent the formation of bacteria. With that in mind, I will be choosing this kind of container for my food products in the future to ensure that I will not have instances of food poisoning. I guess I have to look for a product handling company to help me out once I have created the taste that I want with my products.

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