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Turkey has competitive companies like Beko and Vestel which have been among the largest manufacturers in Europe. Being the manufacturer of the quarter of tv sets sold across the continent, Vestel has been the largest tv manufacturer in Europe in 2006. By the beginning of 2005, Vestel shared more than half of the market with its rival brand Beko which has been another Turkish manufacturer of white goods and electronics. In 2005, Profilo Telra, another Turkish company, has been the third largest tv manufacturer in Europe. Agreement on customs union, which has been signed between Turkey and European Union, leaded a remarkable increase in Turkey’s market share in EU, as it has raised from 5% to 50% on color TVs, from 3% to 15% in digital devices and from 3% to 18% in white goods during 1995-2005.
Exports in textiles and clothing sector made by Turkish companies has been worth $13,98 billion in 2006. 76,33% of this exports amount has been made to European Union countries which is equivalent to more than $10 billion.
Automotive, Motor Vehicles
Since the late 1960s, automotive sector has an increasing importance in Turkish economy. The Marmara Region, located at the north-west of the country, has become a strategic centre for the global manufacturing and exporting network achieving $22,97 billion of exports in 2008. Companies like BMC, Otokar and Temsa have been leading this sector in Turkey which are the largest van, truck and bus manufacturer companies in the world. In 2008, 1.225.400 motor vehicles has been manufactured in Turkey. This number makes Turkey fifth in the ranking in Europe, behind the United Kingdom and above Italy, and twelfth producer in the world.
In 2016 Turkey’s motor vehicle exports exceeded 1 million units with the positive influence of investments of foreign manufacturers and the high demand from European market. According to the data of Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD), Turkish exports has raised 15% in 2016, with 1,16 million units. The production has been 1,48 million units in 2016 which means an increase of 9%. Turkey has exported the 80% of its production in automotive sector.
Trains, Locomotives and Wagon
Covering the high speed EMU and DMU models in their product range, Tülomsaş, Tüvasaş and Eurotem have been the leading train, locomotive and wagon manufacturer companies of Turkey.
As a result of the improvements and the investments made on the sector, Turkey has become one of the world’s major shipbuilding countries. Turkey has been ranked 4th in the world (behind China, South Korea, Japan) by number of ships ordered and also 4th (behind Italy, USA, Canada) by number of mega-yatchs ordered in 2007.
Defense Industry
There has been several manufacturers of armament in Turkey. In 2014 Turkey’s annual export has reached $1.6 billion in this sector. Leading companies in defense industry are Aselsan, Roketsan, Havelsan, MKEK, Otokar, TAI, FNSS and Nurol Makina.
Turkey has become one of the partners of the Joint Strike Fighter Program in 2002. Various types of aircrafts are manufactured by TAI, including the F-16 Fighting Falcon. Turkey has completed the intelligence satellite projects Göktürk-1 with 0,5 m resolution for the use of Turkish Army and Göktürk-2 with 2,5 m resolution for the use of National Intelligence Agency. Turkish manufacturers also have several other projects, domestically improved and built such as cruise missiles, anti-tank missiles, battle tanks, howitzers, attack helicopters, artillery rocket systems, laser guided rocket systems and several vehicles used in national security.
Iron-Steel Industry
In terms of sector ranking for steel production, Turkey has the 8th place in world ranking. Crude steel production in Turkey has reached 34.1 million tons in 2011. Major companies among the steel manufacturers have been Erdemir, Habaş, İçdaş, Diler and Çolakoğlu.
Technology & Science
For the studies on science and technology, Tübitak is the major establishment in Turkey. Tüba is also another high level science organization, performing reviews and consulting on scientific topics. The institution for nuclear energy is TAEK which has studies in academic researches on nuclear energy.
Turkey has several government companies on military technologies such as Aselsan, Roketsan, Havelsan, TAI and MKE. USET Turkish Space Systems Integration and Test Center is a technology center in which spacecrafts are produced and tested. Space Launch Project has been developed for the analyzes on the satellite launching feasibilities of the country. The project is formed of spaceport construction, improving satellite launching systems and earth stations.
Construction & Contracting
Turkey is one of the leading countries in construction and contracting sector. In 2009, Turkey has ranked 2nd largest in this sector behind China following the selection of 33 Turkish companies in the Top International Contractors List made by Engineering News-Record.



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